The story behind Starlabel.


We are a group of young and highly motivated experienced individuals, ever ready to give you nothing but the best. Our work is our lifestyle and Our teams is our family.

We are based in Accra, Ghana

At StarLabel we believe that, quality of service is the key to maximum returns. Our range of packages is well designed to give you quality at the most affordable price. Help your product to reach your customers and potential clients. Global brand recognition through Online Marketing. From SEO and Paid Search, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Rich Media, Campaign Monitoring and Analytics. Creative and responsive brand design. Responsive website, Web applications and memorable brand identities. We work to meet global standards and total client satisfaction.

An endless enthusiasm

We love what we do. Our work is our passion. Our #team of developers are highly skilled and excellent at our profession. We combine creativity and experience to develop clients works to perfection with the simplest touch. We divide complex clients ideas among our team so as to focus, collaborate and build the most quality and secured product to give clients maxi,um satisfaction.

Samanhyia Moses

Full Stack Developer

Founder and Senior Front-end Developer at Starlabel

I love developing new concepts and ideas to solve life problems in a more simplified and effective way.

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

Dennis Djan

Software Developer

Senior Mobile Application Developer at Starlabel

I love programming and solve complex problems with designed thinking approach.

It always seems impossible until it is done

Suhaib Ahmad

Python Developer

Data Security Engineer

Data is part of our daily life and everything we do. How to analyze and secure it from unauthorized access is my expertise.

Every achievement takes commitment.

Edna Awisie Tetteh

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Data is part of our daily life and everything we do. Finding and analyzing the right data to provide the best information on clients systems.

Simplicity is perfection.

Hans Kojo Mensah

Network Engineer

Network Engineer

As company's grow, there comes the need to interconnect its branches on a network with the best Internet connection, to better serve its clients. That is my expertise.

Every good achievement takes commitment and time.